Smokebrush Foundation | Back Then Back When
Since 1992, the Smokebrush Foundation For The Arts has produced and presented innovative arts experiences that foster creativity and collaboration, inspiring positive change in the Southern Colorado community and beyond.
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About This Project



ROBERT    Jack Black
FATHER    Raymond J. Barry
VALOIS    Kim Gillingham


Artistic Director    Kat Walter (Tudor)
Director    Gregory Wagrowski
Design    Markus Maurette


The rigid definition of masculinity, and its grave consequences to men’s psyches are the play’s themes. A father and son clash violently on a set marked by ricks of domestic rubbish that threaten to topple at a touch; like the men themselves, overladen with unexamined memories and unexpressed emotions. Guilt and recrimination trigger a frightening release of pent-up energy, and the two men circle each other in turns as stalker and game. The father, crippled by sorrow for the violence of a half-lived past, commands both terror and respect, while the son, with his own demands, counters his father’s scramble for dignity.