Smokebrush Foundation | Community
Since 1992, the Smokebrush Foundation For The Arts has produced and presented innovative arts experiences that foster creativity and collaboration, inspiring positive change in the Southern Colorado community and beyond.
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Our Purpose:


  • To Promote artistic excellence among the community, individual artists and arts organizations.
  • To advance educational programs and cultural programs for the general public.
  • To provide high-quality experiences in the arts and healing arts for children.
  • To operate a multi-purpose production facility for artists and healing artists to collaborate on projects, workshops, performances, and ceremonies.
  • To maintain creative leadership for the arts and healing arts so badly needed in the local community and the Rocky Mountains region.
  • To award small grants and support to organizations and individuals who advance the mission of the foundation.
  • To operate a facility dedicated to supporting the healing arts, artistic productions, performances, ceremonies and a variety of children’s programs.
  • To look for new ways of helping artists and healing arts practitioners create a better relationship with the local community.
  • To bring multi-cultural events from around the nation and world to our local community.
  • To encourage new work and premiere cultural events.
  • To make excellent art and healing arts available to the community.


Visit some of our Community Collaborators: